Roberto M. Billi

Sveriges Riksbank, Stockholm, Sweden

Areas of research and policy advising expertise

Optimal monetary policies in the presence of a lower bound on nominal interest rates

Monetary and fiscal policy interactions

Financial regulation and macro-prudential policies

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Curriculum Vitae (November 2023)

Sveriges Riksbank: Advisor and researcher, since 2011

European Central Bank: Senior Economist, ESCB/IO, DG Research, 2018

Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: Economist, 2005-2011

CFS, Goethe University Frankfurt: Ph.D. in Economics, summa cum laude, 2005

Federal Reserve Board: Dissertation intern, 2004

Kiel Institute for the World Economy: Advanced Studies in International Economics, 2001

Central Bank of San Marino: Economist, 1996-2001

London School of Economics: M.Sc. in Economics, 1999

Università degli Studi di Bologna, Italy: Degree in Economics, 1996



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